NETmundial+10: expression of interest to participate in the event runs until March 18th

07 MAR 2024


With limited places, registrations will be subject to moderation. The event is free of charge and will be live-streamed

NETmundial+10, an event that aims to debate the global challenges for the governance of the digital world, which will be held on April 29th and 30th, 2024, in São Paulo, has just made the expression of interest available to those interested in participating onsite or remotely (with real-time interaction), which can be submitted until March 18th. The form is available on the event website and must be completed in English.

Just as happened at NETmundial 2014, NETmundial+10 will have participants from the academy, civil society, government, intergovernmental organizations, private sector, and the technical community, all approved according to diversity criteria, such as geographic origin, stakeholder group, gender, among others.

“The first NETmundial, held in 2014, in São Paulo, was an absolute success around the world. The event had excellent infrastructure and presented high-level debates to the global community, in addition to concrete results expressed in the final declaration of the event, which is still remembered and quoted in several other spaces of the global Internet governance”, highlighted Hartmut Glaser, Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (, its acronym in Portuguese), responsible, among other duties, for establishing strategic guidelines related to the use and development of the Internet in Brazil.

“The development and dissemination of digital technologies bring major challenges to Internet governance. plays a pivotal role in this debate. In 2014, we led an important discussion on this topic, with NETmundial. In 2024, new challenges are posed in a world that is constantly changing, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and in a scenario in which people and things (IoT) are increasingly connected. To face these challenges, along with international partners, will hold NETmundial+10. The event aims to discuss how to strengthen the multistakeholder approach, an essential premise for decision-making processes regarding the future of the Internet and the digital world", says Renata Mielli, Chair of NETmundial+10 and Coordinator of

The participants approved, both onsite and remotely, will receive a confirmation email. The event will be free of charge, with the participant being responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs. NETmundial+10 will also have live streaming on the event's official channels.

About the event
Based on NETmundial, held almost a decade ago in the country, the new event will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in São Paulo, Brazil. Casting a look at the future governance of the digital world, the meeting will provide a space for players to meet, discuss and reach consensus on a new roadmap that can tackle pressing challenges of our time, as well as collectively build a common, structured agenda of priority issues for the global community, and further multistakeholderism to all relevant global governance and decisional arenas.

The NETmundial+10 agenda will be released soon on the event's official website.

Check out what was discussed in 2014, when participants defined principles and a roadmap for a free, open, and safe Internet:

About the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee –
The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, responsible for establishing strategic guidelines related to the use and development of the Internet in Brazil, coordinates and integrates all Internet service initiatives in the country, promoting technical quality, innovation and dissemination of the services on offer. Based on the principles of multistakeholderism and transparency, represents a democratic Internet governance model that has been internationally praised, in which all sectors of society participate equally in its decisions. One of its formulations is the 10 Principles for the Governance and Use of the Internet ( More information is available at

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