NETmundial+10 – Global challenges for the governance of the digital world

23 NOV 2023


We are in a moment in which the international community is discussing, in several spaces (Global Digital Compact, Summit of the Future, WSIS+20, Unesco, OECD, etc), and from different perspectives, the challenges for the future of a world in which the Internet and its applications deeply transform social, economic, cultural, informational and political relations.

In this context, the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (, after discussing with several international partners during the IGF in Kyoto and ICANN in Hamburg, presents the proposal to hold, in 2024, a multistakeholder event – outside of institutional arenas – to convene the international community and contribute to ongoing debates.

There is a common understanding that a NETmundial+10 could enable a relevant space to recall the agreed principles of 2014 and update the global discussions on Internet governance and the digital ecosystem in a broader way.

The leadership of Brazil could work as a catalyst for the process, as it was back there in 2014, especially bearing in mind the recognition of the country as an important Global South leader in this field, and in the moment in which Brazil will be in charge of the G20 presidency.

A NETmundial+10 could contribute to reinforce important principles and update the debate over Internet governance core issues, in a general way, for the digital agenda, among which the role of multistakeholderism, its collaboration with multilateral decision arenas, the democratization of digital economy, the overcome of digital divides, and the construction of the “information society” centered on people and development.

It would also be an opportunity to advance its ideas towards the future, indicating new challenges and shaping a common agenda of strategic debates for the upcoming period. It would also be a guide for international, regional and local governance, reinforcing the importance of not fragmenting the spaces for debating Internet and digital challenges as if they were separate agendas.

The event will promote an environment that could enable diverse countries and stakeholders to advance in this multistakeholder dialogue about the Internet and the digital ecosystem.


Among the potential developments and results to be pursued, we can mention, at least:

1. Review, renew and consolidate NETmundial agreements about the Internet governance principles, as well as updating a common strategic agenda;

2. Debate the role of multistakeholder participation in Internet Governance and on national and international spaces, in collaboration with multilateral decision arenas.

3. A review of the Declaration of São Paulo and the Roadmap proposed in 2014, considering the deep transformations that the digital ecosystem has been through, which highlight the social, cultural, and economic relevance of the Internet and its applications as tools for promoting development and citizenship.

The NETmundial+10 would be held in the first semester of 2024, with a tentative date in the first week of May, in São Paulo.

To shape the event, is working in coordination with a global, multistakeholder network of partners, and will soon release more information on the organization of NETmundial+10.