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PUBLIC NOTICE on the processing of personal data and surveillance during the self-isolation period introduced because of the COVID-19 pandemic

10 de junho de 2020


THE BRAZILIAN INTERNET STEERING COMMITTEE (, in the exercise of the powers granted it by Decree No. 4829/2003 and by Paragraph I, Article 24 of Law 12,965/2014, and based on the Decalogue of Principles the Governance of the Internet-Resolution,


1. REAFFIRMS the importance of the Internet and of digital technologies in facing up to COVID-19 and guaranteeing fundamental human rights.

2. AFFIRMS its understanding that maintaining the health of the population and the privacy and protection of the personal data of individuals are values that must also be preserved in our society.

3. WARNS, therefore, that exceptional measures for tracking the population, treating personal data, including collecting it and eventually sharing it, and for monitoring communication devices need to be evaluated not only with regard to their effectiveness. Such measures need to be carefully verified in advance to avoid them being used to introduce controls that conflict with democratic principles.

4. SUGGESTS that all the measures that are adopted for publicly managing self-isolation for confronting COVID-19, and that may put personal data at risk, should be introduced in a clearly limited and exceptional way and only when there are no alternatives.

5. WARNS that, in any event, data transparency and security must be guaranteed, and that procedures for dealing with this data, and for storing, sharing, and subsequently eliminating it must previously defined and disclosed. There must also be an option to access independent audits.

6. REAFFIRMS, finally, that everyone must be informed about the eventual installation of apps for monitoring cases of SARS-COV-2 coronavirus. This must be done in an open manner and observing the principles established by Law 12,965/2014, by Decree 8771/2016, and by Law 13,709/2018. These apps must not be used for stigmatizing or discriminating against any segment of the population.