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PUBLIC NOTE concerning the case of the gTLD “.AMAZON”

09 de agosto de 2017


The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee –, exercising the mandate conferred upon it by Decree no. 4.829/2003

considering its positions previously expressed by Resolutions adopted on April 26 2013 and adopted on June 28 2013,

bearing in mind the consensus of all members of the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) at ICANN, expressed by the GAC’s Durban Communiqué (ICANN 47), for the rejection of Amazon’s application for the gTLD .AMAZON and its equivalents in Chinese and Japanese characters,

taking note of the Final Declaration of the Independent Review Panel between Amazon EU S.a.r.l. and ICANN published on July 11 2017,


- reiterates the support of all stakeholder groups represented in the Board of (the government, the business sector, the third sector, scientific and technological community) to the opposition to the delegation of the string .AMAZON to private sector entities in a manner which is dissociated from the public interest;

- reaffirms its support to the decision taken by the ICANN Board of Directors in may 2014 which upheld the GAC consensus advice, for the GAC is the constituency within ICANN that is in charge of advising the Board in public policy issues according to the ICANN Bylaws and the Applicant Guidebook of the New gTLD Program;

- bearing in mind the multistakeholder and plural ethos of, the Committee expresses its availability to engage in discussions with all the parties involved in any possible subsequent phase of the matter.