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PUBLIC NOTE concerning the case of the gTLD “.AMAZON”

27 de fevereiro de 2019


concerning the case of the gTLD “.AMAZON”

The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee –, exercising the mandate conferred upon it by Decree no. 4.829/2003,

Considering its positions previously expressed by Resolutions adopted on April 26 2013, adopted on June 28 2013, and the Public Note concerning the case of the gTLD “.AMAZON” released on August 8, 2017;

Taking note of the latest developments on the case, namely (a) the adoption of Resolutions 2018.09.16.12 – 2018.09.16.14 and Resolutions 2018.10.25.18 – 2018.10.25.19  by the Board of Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and (b) the intense exchange of correspondences between the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) and ICANN that ensued until February 2019;

Considering also that on January 16, 2019 the ICANN Board affirmed that a final decision on the next steps regarding the potential delegation of .AMAZON and related top-level domains would be taken at ICANN 64, regardless of the result of the facilitation process that was to be carried out by the CEO of ICANN between the ACTO member states and Amazon Inc.;

Bearing in mind that there is still room for dialogue between ICANN, the Amazonian countries and Amazon Inc., with the goal of helping the involved parties reach a mutually agreed solution;


Endorses the request made by the Brazilian government in its letter to the ICANN Board of Directors, dated February 21, 2019, “to postpone a final decision on the .AMAZON application to ICANN 65, with a view to allow the eight Amazon countries and Amazon Inc. to find a mutually acceptable solution”;

Reaffirms its willingness to engage and facilitate discussions between the concerned parties in support of a consensual and constructive solution to the matter.